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How are you able to cut down trees safely?

Bearded man with chainsaw and boots using a safety harness to secure himself to a tall pine tree.

We are able to cut down trees safely, because we are experienced professionals and employ excellent timber cutting equipment. We properly use Safety Harnesses, pulleys, and drop cords to keep our team, and your home safe at all times.

Is the company Amigo Tree services insured?

Man with safety glasses wearing blue jeans and boots carrying a chainsaw is in a tall tree safely.

Yes, the company Amigo Tree services is insured. This is a great question. We view this as crucial for any home or business owner to ask of a prospective arbor limb removal maintenance provider.

Can you explain your knowledge of limb cutting?

Man in a safety harness has released a large section from a tall tree.  The sky is semi dark blue.

Our knowledge of limb cutting is extensive.  We utilize industrial cords to manage the weight distribution of trees, and remove them in sections. We perform safety checks on our equipment daily and prior to starting any job.  

What Equipment does your team Utilize?

Man with safety boots using a pulley system safety harness to keep himself safe climbing a pine tree

Our team utilizes industrial grade logging equipment. Stihl chainsaws, a heavy duty chipper, a stump grinder, trucks and trailers assist us perform all of your arbor maintenance needs. We also use safety cords, and harnesses on all jobs.

How much money can I save if I haul the wood away myself?


The amount of money one can save if they haul the wood away themself is minimal. This is a frequent question. We often provide options for a client to consider. This photo is a great example of how much one tree can leave a homeowner to dispose. We are happy to help.

How much does it cost to cut down a tree?

Man wearing yellow shirt using safety harness and ropes to secure himself atop a tall pine tree

The cost to cut down a tree varies depending on several factors. Three of the first considerations are, location, arbor type, and size. A bigger oak is more expensive to remove than a smaller pine. The closer it is to a home, or a harder to access branch will impact the pricing.  

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How long does it take to remove a mature tree?

The amount of time it takes to remove a tree is dependent on numerous factors.  A few points to consider are the type, size, age, condition, location, and access to the arbor. If a large red oak is located in a fenced in back yard, this can present equipment challenges. Less accessibility results in more labor intensity for our team. Similar to finger prints no two trees are exactly the same. We can typically best answer this question in person. This is one of the main reasons we are unable to provide a price quote without physically touching a tree first.

Why is one provider's costs significantly lower?

There are numerous potential reasons why a provider's cost might be lower. Honestly, some groups employ deceptive tactics, and break their agreement by adding to the initial quote after starting. This is unethical, yet common. When choosing your tree professional, we advise a more holistic approach. Our brother Delfino further expands upon this in a great article on his blog. The title is appropriately "Should I pick the lowest cost tree service estimate or price quote?  Top 7 safety considerations". We highly recommend reading it prior to making your decision. 

What is the timeline to finish the service to my trees?

The timeline to finish service to a tree will vary based upon a variety of conditions.  An elm tree in the front yard is often slightly less time consuming than a similarly sized one located in the back yard. A damaged hickory tree leaning over a roof requires additional safety diligence, and will take longer to remove than a similarly sized healthy pine. Safety is our first priority. The tree maintenance industry is naturally dangerous.  We advise against being in a hurry for your tree project. Hiring the right team is your best first step.

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We provide 24 hour emergency crisis service  Please use our web form 24/7. After submitting your request, please send us 1 to 10 photos of the area(s) you would like serviced. Please use a tape measure to show the approximate girth or width of your tree(s) and send photos to 


 Please provide us permission to enter your property as our schedule permits between the hours of 9am-7pm. 

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We can not price a job until we physically see, and touch the tree areas in person.  

Please Note, telemarketers, and sales solicitations unrelated to tree service business are not welcome to contact us.

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Arnulfo is our best tree climber, and happy to serve you. He is an outstanding safety advocate, and is a good machine operator.


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I am the founding owner of Amigo Tree Service. My family and I will work hard to earn your repeat business, and referrals. We thank you.

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Fernando brings great versatility to our team. He specializes in keeping our timber removal equipment mechanically maintained. 

Should I have my Raleigh tree cut down in sections?

Yes, whenever possible you should have your Raleigh tree cut down in sections.  In this video, Arnulfo demonstrates with his team below the importance of managing an arbor, and not having it manage you.  The process is more time consuming, and costly to remove in sections, however does not result in sinkholes, divots or serious land damage to your yard, plants, grass, shrubbery, bushes, and surrounding area.