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Carrboro river birch limb removal

Please use our web form 24/7. After submitting your request, feel free to send us 1 to 10 photos of the area(s) you would like serviced. Please use a tape measure to show the approximate girth, diameter or width of your tree(s)  and send your photos to contact@amigotreeservicesnc.com      

Your photos will help us understand. 

Please provide us permission to enter your property as our schedule permits between the hours of 9am-7pm.

Amigo Tree Service Removal Stump Grinding Cary NC

Cary, North Carolina 27511, United States


24 Hour emergency hanging limb cut

We can not price a job without physically touching the tree areas in person. 

Please Note, telemarketers, and sales solicitations unrelated to tree service business are not welcome to contact us.

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Cary pine tree limb removal initial safety step

Fernando illustrates safety step number one in this video.  Prior to climbing, it is crucial to survey the area to ensure maximum safety.  A pine limb cut down in Cary requires tree felling in manageable sections. This reduces personal safety risk, and results in less potential damage to shrubs, bushes, plants, saplings, and the ground below the arbor area.  Many of our repeat tree removal service customers call Fernando by his nickname "The Lion".